May 23 - 26
Supported Charity

Our charity this year is The Pipsqueakery!

While Box Owl Corp has been ruffling some feathers with their attempted corporate takeover of AnthrOhio the Chief Executive Peeg of this year’s charity, The Pipsqueakery Inc, has been strategizing with her herd to help save AnthrOhio from imminent acquisition. While it might not seem like the rodents and rabbits of The Pipsqueakery have a chance at defeating the mighty Box Owls, I can assure you they are a formidable bunch. They may be missing teeth, limbs, eyes, and working pancreases, but they don’t let that get them down. This group of fuzzy fighters is ready and willing to take on Box Owl Corp with your support!

I mean they eat boxes for breakfast anyway.


Featured Pipsqueak!

Magrat is the Director of Scientific advancement at The Pipsqueakery. She is a pioneer in the area of wheekology and has made great advancements in the area.

Unfortunately, she isn't on the best of terms with CEP Lolly because Magrat had to ban her from the lab. Lolly just got into a mood, tossed the test tubes around, nibbled the reference books, and refused to wear her safety goggles!

The Pipsqueakery is a 501(c)3 nonprofit small animal rescue and sanctuary. They provide care for medically and behaviorally needy rodents and rabbits, educates the public on their care, and finds forever homes and rescue placement for healthy adoptable animals.

The Pipsqueakery focuses on the care of animals with medical conditions including paralysis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, amputations, and dental disease. Their goal is to advance veterinary care and develop individual plans that prioritize accommodating the special needs of each animal to allow them to live a fulfilling life as independently as possible.

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Meet Twidget! Yes, this little guinea pig is named after that beloved person, Twidget.


Stop by our table at AnthrOhio to meet the guinea pig named in honor of your friend. He would love to meet you!