May 23 - 26
Guests Of Honor

AnthrOhio is pleased to have LilShark and Majira Strawberry as guests of honor this year!


LilShark is an illustrator hailing from Columbus, Ohio who focuses in a wide variety of mediums such as digital painting and traditional inkwork. Early in her teens she started going to anime cons, and developed her love of art there. Over time she discovered furry, and gained a deep love of the community and the creativity all its members show and express.

Professionally, she has worked with MLG game teams to develop their brand merch; illustrated covers for novels; has assisted with merch on the furry visual novel, Blackgate; Mäul Apparel; and will be working in with Goal Publications on a variety of projects. When she isn’t working her full-time as an email developer, she is often creating vibrant pinups and character art for clients all over the fandom, with a specialty in ‘floof’, monsters, and muscle.


"A fool sleeps when he's tired, a wise man sleeps when he can." - Dan Mace

Majira, aka Kyle, is a filmmaker and media influencer born in Dallas, TX. After earning a degree in Digital Film from Kent State in 3 short years, Majira's gone on to garner tens of millions of views across platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Majira has headlined conventions as far away as Mexico and Taiwan, his fanbase steadily growing into the hundreds of thousands. In 2018, Majira helped raise over $7,000 for various charities. Majira now lives in Akron, OH and is just trying to live his best life by creating furry vlogs and being a giant fluffy animal.