May 23 - 26

Volunteering at AnthrOhio is a great way to give back, and get a free registration while doing so. There are three ways you can earn a discount on registration. One is by helping out during the convention (gophering), helping out before, during, and after the convention (staffing), or running a panel (being a panelist).


Gophers are vital to the success of the convention, by volunteering their time during the convention to guard doors, help with setup/tear down, or operate hospitality and registration. Gophers are only required to work the hours they agree to work, and they can work any amount of time. If you're interested in gophering at AnthrOhio contact,or speak to someone in the Adams room (Registration/Operations) during the convention. We work to accommodate people with special needs who wish to volunteer so don't let that stop you from reaching out to us.  Gophers do the day to day work that keeps everything running smoothly. Without them we wouldn't be able to function. Please consider giving back to AnthrOhio by giving some of your time. It's also a great way to meet other volunteers and convention attendees.

If you have Gophered for us in the past, please be aware that our incentives are changing this year.  

Gophers receive acknowledgement on our web site after volunteering for an hour.  After that they gain an additional item for each milestone they achieve, according to the following chart:

Total Gopher Hours Achievement
1 Inclusion on a "Thank You" page on our web site
6 Past Year Shirt
8 2019 Day Pass
12 2018 Shirt
16 Upgrade 2019 Day Pass to Basic Membership
18 Past Year Shirt

We're more than happy to have gophers volunteer for 18+ hours but after that the benefits cap off.  We also want you to take part and enjoy the convention while you are with us!

Discounts cannot be transferred or deferred. Panelist hours are added to Gophering hours, at 1 Panelist hour = 2 Gopher hours for determining achievement levels. Gopher hours for setup/teardown on Thursday and any teardown after close on Sunday are worth double. Past Year shirts are subject to available stock.


Staffers volunteer a significant amount of time before and after the convention to ensure that the convention is a success. They attend monthly meetings online, and are expected to attend the convention unless other arrangements are made. Few staff positions require previous experience, or deep knowledge of any one subject. Generally AnthrOhio needs staff members with the following attributes:

  • Sufficient free time to devote to staff meetings, the convention itself, and duties related to the convention.
  • Enthusiasm for contributing their best to the convention
  • Well organized and able to keep on track with convention tasks
Apply To Join Our Staff!

Running a Panel

Panelists run events/panels for AnthrOhio. They volunteer their time during the convention to create programming for other attendees to enjoy. This also entails significant work outside of the convention prepping for the panel. We recognize this hard work by rewarding each panelists with double the amount of time spent running panels at the convention in gopher hours. These hours work exactly like the hours described in the gophering section. Panelists accrue gophering hours from all their time spent running panels/events panelists do not need to do all their events/panels consecutively to earn gopher for them.

For example, if a panelists runs a 1 hour panel or event, they are entitled to 2 gopher hours. They could then work 3 more hours as a gopher keeping hospitality running, to earn $10 off next year's convention.

Another example, if a panelists were to run 3 hours of programming (it doesn't have to be all at once) during the convention, they would be entitled to 6 gophering hours, and a $10 discount for next year.

If you're interested in running a panel/event at the convention, contact