May 23 - 26
2018 Dealers

The Dealer Room will be in the Grand Pavilion

Room Layout

Booth 1: Otaku Corner

Furry Tails, Ears, Paws and more! Plus Plushie props and few other things!!

Booth 2: The Black Bazaar

Offering unique handmade leather accessories, Fully custom steampunk goggles with hundreds of different customization options. Flow Toys including custom colored Toroflux, Levitation wands, Poi, Contact balls, Juggling toys and unique cosplay props! Visual kei, Gothic, and Steampunk clothing, Pieces for Renfair, comic, anime etc. All designs are carefully and precisely crafted to be one of a kind with a warranty on most items. Wares include Flow toys, Bracers, wristbands, cuffs, collars, belts, earrings, necklaces of EVERY fandom, armor, leather books, Grimoires, Custom goods, Visual Kei, gothic, and renaissance Clothing. If you have an idea in mind just ask! I can make or modify just about anything in various colors, sizes, styles etc to make it personalized to your exact specs!

Booth 3: Lemonbrat Inc

Lemonbrat Studios creates pre-made fursuits, paritals and full suits, hoodies, kigus, tails, ears and more! We also take custom commissions and quotes on the spot! Free delivery in the U.S. when you order from us at a convention!

Booth 4: gBlazeWear, LLC

Maker of hand crafter costume accessories (collars, harnesses, leashes, cuffs etc.) in various materials (nylon/polyester webbing, neoprene, latex, leather).

Table 1: Dealer Support

Table 2a: KaeMantis

Mantis loves cartoons, monsters and critters of all kinds. Come get some sweet custom art!

Table 2b: Tiny Tufts

Serving the fandom since 2001! Offering detailed custom art commissions, original illustrations, cute handmade dolls and blank sketchbooks. May have enamel pins and prints as well!

Table 3-4: Coey and Shy

Coey and Shy are a pair of artists working both as a team and independently, making an array of art from the adorable to the macabre.

Table 5: AR.G.BI Creative Studio

We sell our own original artwork featured on fine art prints, tote bags, cinch bags, stickers, decals, pins, buttons, t-shirts, bandanas and blankets!

Table 6: Lock & Key Curiosities

etched metal medallions & jewelry, wirework & semiprecious tree of life pendants, scalemail & chainmail jewelry and accessories

Table 7: Kris & Kit Illustration

Two local printmaking dogs here to sell our wares. Original and Digital Prints, Pins, Buttons, Stickers, Books, Lanyards, Key chains, Bottle Openers, and More!

Table 8: stablercake art + illustration

Colorful gear everywhere! Including shirts, totes, pencil cases, enamel pins, stickers, badge commissions, keychains, and more!

Table 9-10: Shottsy Arts LLC

It is our mission to not only express my own creative passion through functional and high quality items, but to ignite that joy and passion in others.

We offer hot off our “shirt forge” heat-pressed apparel and accessories with vibrant hand drawn art, as well as elegant one of a kind works of art for those with finest of tastes. We at Shottsy Arts seek to give you “A spark of something different!” Our company consists of multi faceted works of art, and merchandise the likes of which you have never seen! From one of a kind items such as hand crafted sculpture from wire, to vibrant and unique every day useful items such as t-shirts and messenger bags, Shottsy Arts has a lot to see and choose from! Shana is also currently working on an epic fantasy graphic novel, which will be available to read and purchase from our store in the near future!

Table 11-12: M & T Comics and Cards

The largest selection of furry comics and graphic novels on the internet

Table 13-14: Misc Etc

Table 15a: Claypaws Studio "Dowidat Ceramics"

Quality crafted pawperty created for home and kitchen use. The decoration on the variety of pottery are custom decals and paw inspired dishes. All glazed and decals are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Table 15b: Double-Hoof Designs

I make 3D printed badges and now custom embroidered patches and embroidery services

Table 16a: Kayleen "Katarina" Connell

Kayleen "Katarina" Connell will be peddling her wares and showing her goods. She is a traditional artist who offers con badges, sketchbook commissions and limited take-home commissions. She will also have merchandise including prints, magnets, stickers and bookmarks. Look for the wench in the Renn Faire gear.

Table 16b: Scrub Your Scruff

Fursuit care and maintenance products, and much more!

Table 17: Foxes and Peppers

Table 18: Blind Coyote

Table 19: Samoht-Lion

Table 20: Sanguine Games

Makers of IRONCLAW, FARFLUNG, MADCAP and other fine books and games.

Table 21: LilShark

Creator of digital and traditional anthro artwork. Selling original, one of kind commission work and printed merchandise of self made designs!

Table 22: LYCHGATE

LYCHGATE sells commissions, shirts and other tops, pins, prints, and more!

Table 23: Padmabhujaga ~ The Art of SoulsPoison

Simhanada is an Illustrator and Crafts-person specializing in Monsters, World Mythology and Folklore, Fantasy, as well as Esoteric Spiritual imagery, Cultural Dances, Conceptual Design and Wild Whimsy.

Table 24: Nightengale Needles

Handmade plush, scarves, hats, hoods, and other fabric based goods. We make a special focus on LGBTQA+ Pride items in addition to our original and fan creations.

Table 25: She-Jackal Arts

Original clay and art works by She-Jackal Arts!

Table 26: Ringtail Cafe Productions

Furry themed Comic Books (The Confectionaries, Ringtail Cafe, Starfire Agency, Nightshift, Hellkats, Void Protocol and more!), Games (Assimilation, Bones, Cryptid Codex), Art Commissions by professional comic artist Aerokat.

Table 27: Fairytail Furries

Fursuits and fursuit parts. Personalized character drawings and badges on the spot!

Table 28: Sweetly Psychotic creations

Original artwork and wonderful creations of the furry, monster, and creature variety! Buttons, prints, and commissions galore!

Table 29: Crazdude Art & Design

Traditional and digital artwork spanning toony to realistic style. Also offering shirts, prints, coloring books, stickers and more!

Table 30: Joshiah's Written Works

The perfect place to suit all of your literary needs, Joshiah's Written Works is your one-stop shop for all things wordy! Novels, novellas, written commissions and more will be available, spanning a variety of different tastes and genres.

Table 31: Pookatdinocrafts

Handmade cute creatures and small items with original artwork!

Table 32: Imagination Boutique

Patches, Zippered Pouches, Fursuit Parts + Accessories, Stickers, Hats, Perler Bead Art, Painted Boxes, and much more! A large variety of cosplay, furry, and other fandom works!