May 23 - 26
2019 Dealers

The Dealer Room will be in the Grand Pavilion

Room Layout

Table 1A: Dealers Den Information

Table 1B: Kbooki

Table 2A: Kayleen "Katarina" Connell

Kayleen "Katarina" Connell is a traditional artist. She will be offering con badges and sketchbook commissions as well as limited take home commissions.

Table 2B: Gerce

Table 3: BlindCoyote

Blindcoyote brings an assortment of vibrant uplifting illustrations filled with fantastical characters and creatures.

Table 4: Imagination Boutique

We have a little bit of everything! Commissions/Badges, stickers, charms, perler beads, fursuit parts/accessories....and more! There's always something new at Imagination Boutique

Table 5 & 6: Furry Mystery Box

Furry Mystery Box is an online subscription service. We'll be bringing an assortment of furry themed swag contained in our special boxes and bags. The contents of our subscription boxes are professionally manufactured, just for the box, just for you! We'll also have available random boxes and bags at various prices. Boxes will include such items as: T-shirts, art prints, buttons, key-chains, toys, and so much more!

Table 7: Mimosa Studio

Kawaii artist specializing in chibi animals on anything from prints and stickers to plush and pillows!

Table 8: Ruef n' Beeb

Ruef and B.B. are a dynamic duo of fandom doodlers who love to go from convention to convention and see their friends! They sell a variety of stickers, enamel pins, badges, body pillows and even offer commissions you can watch them draw right in front of you! Come stop by and say hi!

Table 9: Goal Publications

Publisher and vendor of furry novels and novellas

Table 10: Dowidat Ceramics

Handmade pottery, fired on decal of anthropomorphic characters. Everything you need from plates and mugs.

Table 11: Nightengale Needles LLC

Handmade plush, scarves, hats, hoods, and other fabric based goods. We make a special focus on LGBTQA+ Pride items in addition to our original and fan creations.

Table 12: Sanguine Games

Independently owned and operated since 1999, Sanguine is maker of fine game such as IRONCLAW, USAGI YOJIMBO, MYRIAD SONG, FARFLUNG, MADCAP,, and URBAN JUNGLE.and VITAL HEARTS.

Table 13 & 14: M & T Comic and Cards

provider of the largest selection of furry comics and graphic novels on the internet

Table 15A: TFOTR

Independent artist specializing in artwork, commissions, and merch in the kemono-style.

Table 15B: Gravey

Table 16A: PlagueRat's Baubles

PlagueRat's Baubles provides creative and unique chainmaille items. Come find chainmaille dice, talismans, juggling balls, fidget toys, and other hand crafted pieces.

Table 16B: Joshiah's Written Works

Your one stop shop for all things literary, Joshiah's Written Works is headed back to Anthrohio! Stop by our table for novels, novellas, personalized commissions and more!

Table 17: AR.GI.BI. Creative Studio

We sell our own original artwork featured on fine art prints, tote bags, cinch bags, stickers, decals, enamel pins, patches, buttons, t-shirts, bandanas and blankets!

Table 18: Lilshark

Artist from central Ohio who creates a whole bunch of original art, designs, and merch!

Table 19: Majira

Table 20: Crazdude Art & Design

Whether you are searching for that perfect gift for someone or desire something special for yourself, Crazdude is ready to fulfill your need for eye-catching creations in various mediums and from realistic to toony. Find her in the den and ask about her custom commissions, apparel, enamel pins, and more!

Table 21: Kris & Kit Illustration

Two local artists who make stuff!

Table 22: LYCHGATE

Goofy pins, punny shirts, prints, stickers, and other merch! (Also commissions!)

Table 23: Stablercake Art + Illustration

Colors you can see from SPACE! Come visit Stabler's table to peruse their neon and colorful merchandise!

Table 24: Coey and Shy

A 2-artist studio offering a variety of art, from the macabre to adorable.

Table 25: My Arm Can Fly

I bring all manner of wonderful, one of a kind creature companions to life as handmade needle felted sculptures! Come meet this charming array of little tricksters and familiars. These art dolls make wonderful friends and are happy on any cozy desk or bookshelf, ranging from just a couple of inches tall to over 30 inches long. Custom work is also available!

Table 26: Lock & Key Curiosities

Piratical purveyors of artisan handmade finery. Whether it's brilliant enameled copper jewelry, shiny etched medallions, or sparkling tree of life pendants & wrapped gemstones, you're sure to find something to catch your eye.

Table 27: Melissa Mendelson Art

Hello! I create watercolor and screen printing, lino, and intaglio illustrations depicting my love of wildlife, sleddogs, fantasy, and video games! I sell my work as prints as well as lanyards, zipper bags, acrylic and rubber charms, enamel pins, blankets, stickers, washi tape, playmats, and more! I also create highly realistic fursuits and sell DIY fursuit parts as well as finished fursuit partials, masks, and occasionally smaller parts like handpaws and tails.

Table 28: Padma Bhujaga ~ The Art of SoulsPoison

Illustration and design specializing in monsters, folklore, esoteric spiritual imagery and all metaphysical points in-between.

Table 29: poofinburd

poofinburd is a visual and fiber artist producing a variety of works that run the gamut from digital and traditional artwork to hand crocheted plush, furry inspired home goods, hand sewn lanyards, and "fursuit clothing" such as hats and bandanas.

Table 30: She-Jackal Arts

Original sculpture and illustration by She-Jackal Arts

Table 31: PookatDinoCrafts

Cute and quirky handmade fun - Plush, keychains, buttons and more!

Table 32: Skullcat studios

Studio provides a mixture of fan art, and furry art. Furry shirts and original fantasy comic based on my five cats .

Booth 1: Lemonbrat Studio

We sell fursuits, hoodies, kigurumis, and accessories all designed an made by us. We are probably most known for having a large variety of pre-made partial fursuits for people to choose from at cons. :)

Booth 2: The Black Bazaar

Offering unique handmade leather accessories, Fully custom steampunk goggles with hundreds of different customization options. Flow Toys including custom colored Toroflux, Levitation wands, Poi, Contact balls, Juggling toys and unique cosplay props! Visual kei, Gothic, and Steampunk clothing, Pieces for Renfair, comic, anime etc. All designs are carefully and precisely crafted to be one of a kind with a warranty on most items. Wares include Flow toys, Mermaid tails, cosplays, cosplay swimsuits, Bracers, wristbands, cuffs, collars, belts, earrings, necklaces of EVERY fandom, armor, leather books, Grimoires, Custom goods, Visual Kei, gothic, and renaissance Clothing. If you have an idea in mind just ask! I can make or modify just about anything in various colors, sizes, styles etc to make it personalized to your exact specs!

Booth 3: OtterBear Studios (formally Otaku Corner)

We hand make and sell Fursuit partials and parts, plus handmade plushies and buttons!

Booth 4: Pinku Shika

We are a small 2 person team working together to bring high quality fursuit parts to you at affordable prices. We offer unique pins, stickers, and dakis as well.

Outer Hall: Paw Pad Airbrush

We do custom airbrush for you likely while you wait or with fast turn over.