May 23 - 26
Fursuit Dance Competition

For any questions, clarifications, or comments please contact the competition organizer at


Signing Up

Signups: Signing up in advance is PREFERRED. Each Competitor is allowed to sign up for one Solo and as part of one Group performance.

Sign Up Today!
Group Entries: For those teams of 2 to 4 wishing to compete as Group performances, only one member of a Group should submit a single signup form on behalf of the Group, and this person will be responsible for sharing all competition communications with the rest of the group as Lead.
Each Competitor can only be part of one Group, if they are listed on multiple Groups they will be contacted by the Organizer to choose which Group they are part of.
If there are less than six groups that enter, the category will not be separated from Solo.


Music Submission: All competitors are requested to have their music uploaded by Thursday May 16th, 2019 in preferably a high quality MP3 format. FLACs will be converted.
Music should be cued, ready to play.
Music for Solo Performances should be no more than 2 minutes (120 seconds) in length.
Music for Groups Performances should be no more than 3.5 minutes (210 seconds) in length.
Music will be checked for obscenities, graphic content or objectionable matter.
If Music is rejected, the Competitor will be notified immediately and shall be requested to submit a replacement.


Competitors must possess a valid 2019 AnthrOhio Badge, no exceptions. You can register here.

Individual Participation Form

Competitors must fill out the Individual Participation Form. If a Competitor is under the age of 18 then a Custodial Parent or Legal Guardian must countersign.


Costume restrictions & expectations
  • Appropriateness: In keeping with AnthrOhio's Code of Conduct, all competitors are required to wear appropriate clothing and costumes, free from profanity or inappropriate accessories, at the discretion of the competition organizer.
  • Completeness: All costumes should be arranged so that no skin will be exposed or visible at any point during the dancer’s performance. The sole exception is for Fursuit heads that use the wearer's actual eyes.
  • Props: Must be approved and may be inspected at preliminaries by the Organizer and AnthrOhio's Safety Team.
  • Minimum requirement: All competitors are required to wear, at minimum, the following components of a Fursuit:
    • Fursuit head: A full-face costume mask that fully covers the dancer's whole head, but can include head designs that expose the dancer's eyes
    • Fursuit hands: Costume gloves that fully cover the dancer's hands, but cannot include store-bought gloves lacking further modification.


This Event is not open to the General Public. Badges will be checked at the door.
This is a no Photography or Video Event, with the sole exception for AnthrOhio's Safety Team if they are using their Body Cameras as part of their duties.
Attendance: All Dancers are required to attend the Preliminaries. Failure to attend Preliminaries will result in a Drop. Each Dancer and Group will be expected to perform their full Dance in Costume. If you expect to be late please contact so that we are aware.
Group: If a Member of a Group is unable to attend they may be dropped from the Group’s lineup. If a Member misses the Preliminaries, they can not perform in the Competition.
Costume: Each Dancer must Perform in the Costume they plan to Compete in. Any Props that are planned to be used must also be used in the Preliminary.


Competitors: All Dancers will be contacted no less than an hour prior to the Competition by text message, letting them know if they are a Competitor or not. Additionally a list will be at Registration and you may inquire as to your status. In the case of Groups, only the Lead will be texted.
Attendance: Competitors must arrive at the Competition venue at least 15 minutes prior to the event. The order of Competition acts will be shared at the event. Dancers are expected to be in full costume and ready to dance as of the beginning of the performance preceding theirs.
Performance Pieces: Solo performances are to be no longer than 2 minutes (120 seconds). Group performances are to be no longer that 3.5 minutes (210 seconds). Music should be cut and edited for Competition performance. If the music exceeds the max limit, the music will very swiftly fade out at the max limit. Additionally, routines (music and choreography) should be censored to a radio edit rating.
Competition Style: Competitors will dance their performance routine on the convention provided dance floor before a theater-in-the-round, seated audience with the judging panel on the "front" of the performance area. The music will begin when Competitor(s) are in the middle of the dance floor, unless, an alternate cue is requested during Preliminaries.
Judges: There will be three Judges (one being the Lead Judge) and a fourth Alternate Judge, who may be a Competitor if not called on to fill in as a Judge. Judges will use a modified version of the Ballroom Judging system


Announcement: After all Competitions the Judges' votes will be collected and the First, Second, and Third of each Category shall be announced. Only those three placements will be announced. Sign Up Today!