May 23 - 26

Tiers and Rewards

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Custom Badges: PhilAnthropists will receive a custom designed Name Badge to wear in addition to their Attendee Badge

Themed Reward: PhilAnthropists receive a reward(s) that utilizes the AnthrOhio’s theme of the year.

Early Pickup: Patrons and PhilAnthropists will be able to pick up their Badges during Thursday’s Early Registration period along with Staff, and Dealers.

Convention Shirt: Patrons and PhilAnthropists receive the current year's Convention shirt.

Guest of Honor Dinner: Patrons and PhilAnthropists are invited to attend the Guest of Honor Dinner.

Art Print: Sponsors and above receive a limited edition Art Print.

Sponsor Button: Sponsors and above receive a limited edition Art Button.

Ice Cream Social: Sponsors and above are invited to the Sunday Ice Cream Social.

Hospitality Suite: ALL Attendees are welcome for snacks and drinks in the Hospitality Suite.

Attendee Badge: ALL Attendees receive a Badge that they are to wear to access all of AnthrOhio’s Convention Function Space. Basic, Sponsors, Patrons and PhilAnthropists Badges are for the Full Weekend, and Daily Badges are for one Specific Day.

AnthrOhio and Minors

Minors attending AnthrOhio have additional rules based upon their age as of May 23rd, 2019.

13 or Less Years of Age Either 14 or 15 Years of Age Either 16 or 17 Years of Age
Free Badge Regular Price Badges Regular Price Badges
Must stay with Legal Custodial Parent or Guardian, who is a Registered Attendee. Must be Escorted by Legal Custodial Parent or Guardian or Designee of, who is to stay locally available (see below). May attend without Adult Supervision.
Minor is registered at the Convention. Parent will sign for Attendee. Must have a Letter of Permission for Persons 14 to 17. Escort's ID is checked against letter. Must have a Letter of Permission for Persons 14 to 17 and a valid State or Federal picture ID.

Persons of 13 years of age or less, do not preregister. Their Legal Custodial Parent or Guardian registers them at the Convention for a Free Badge. They must stay with their Legal Custodial Parent or Guardian.

An Escort is a Legal Custodial Parent or Guardian, or a person designated by the Legal Custodial Parent or Guardian, who is at least 18 years of age.
An Escort must have a valid State or Federal issued picture ID. This is checked against the name listed on Letter of Permission when Attendee is picking up their Badge.
Escorts shall sign for Attendee’s Badge and be considered accountable for Attendee’s actions
Escorts must remain locally available in case they are needed for any cases of emergency. AnthrOhio is not responsible for any issues that arise due to lack of representation or transportation for any minor Attendee.
Escorts are not required to purchase a Badge unless they would like to participate within AnthrOhio convention space. Being an Escort does not count as having a AnthrOhio Badge.
An Escort may supervise no more than 3 minor Attendees

Due to safety concerns, people without a Membership are not allowed to enter Convention space. Parents and Escorts of Minor Members (17 and below) may check in with Operations if they are not Members but need to find their child.

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